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Courtroom Animations

Every case is different and each case needs to be analyzed with the case’s needs in mind.  Whether your case needs a high-end quality animation based off CAD drawings, or a quick demonstrative that simply shows what the evidence was in real-time, TCS has the skilled staff to put the animation together for you in a cost effective way. The effective use of animations offers your legal team a way to significantly enhance your arguments in the courtroom. Rather than only displaying visual graphics of your case, jurors can watch a re-creation of the incident described by your client.


Areas of Animations. View a few diffferent types of animations below.

TCS’s Animators have the perfect balance of artistic talent, technical ability, and legal knowledge to create significantly valid simulations and accurate re-creations of events and processes. If you can envision it, our team can design it, and with our years of experience, we are able to scale the project to meet your budget.


If you are seeking assistance with the development of a medical illustration or animation, please visit our Medical Illustrations Library or contact us for quotes.