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    Trial Consulting and Litigation Services



    We live in the age of information. And not only do we use advanced technology to discover what you need, we structure the information so that it tells a story. A story that builds credibility. Credibility that leads to believability. And believability that leads to winning cases.



    TCS Consultants can work with you and your legal team to analyze your case to develop themes, visual strategies as well as develop a plan of action for the opposing case strategy.



    As in all stories, there needs to be a theme, and this applies to trial. What is trying a case but telling the jury a story about events for them to make a decision. Our consultants have vast experience in developing effective themes for use at trial as well as mediation and settlement strategies.



    The majority of people are visual learns and when using graphics at trial you increase comprehension and retention. Our consultants and artist will develop a visual strategy that works with your case themes.



    Surveys studies can be done early in a case life cycle to get community attitudes regarding the issues in your case. This study captures a larger sample population, 100, 200, 300 or more to gather opinions and biases on key issues.



    A focus group is a small-group discussion guided by a trained leader. It is used to learn about participant’s opinions, attitudes, perceptions on a designated topic, and to guide future action. Because focus groups are structured and directed, and they can yield a lot of information in a relatively short time.



    At its most basic form, jury consulting involves conducting organized mock trials to ‘test’ a case before actually going to trial. Were the right jurors selected? Did they understand the closing argument? Are you valuing the case correctly? Do you need to adjust your theme? When attorneys conduct a mock trial, most of these questions (and more) get answered before the real trial ever starts. It is designed to reveal your strengths and vulnerabilities as well as those of your opponent. This is an invaluable asset to the formation of the most influential case presentation possible, particularly when conducted early in the discovery stage. One of the major benefits of mock trials is to have the opportunity to formulate refinements and devise a course of action to sway the unconvinced.



    It’s not what you say but how you say it that makes the difference with a jury. Trial lawyers know that not all witness come off good on the stand. TCS has can work with your witnesses to coach and prepare them for deposition and trial testimony.



    Our Consultants will customize questionnaires to your case. With questionnaires tailored to your case you will find out potential juror biases, select who can be removed for cause, and identify your prize jurors.



    Who is the ideal juror? Jury-qualified residents are interviewed (telephone and/or online) concerning their perceptions of relevant parties, opinions, decision preferences, and background characteristics.



    TCS offers a unique approach to alternative dispute resolution. A concept derived from our trial research, TCS offers private trials with real world jurors. TCS facilitates a surrogate juror based format presided over by a certified mediator or retired judge.

    Our private trials are conducted in the same fashion as a trial in state court. We recruit surrogate jurors from the jurisdictional jury district. We screen with conflict questionnaires and voir dire questions provided by the parties.


    These private trials can also incorporate juror feedback throughout the presentation for the parties to review and analyze.


    TCS will also provide a facility for the private trial to be conducted.


    This format can be entered into as a binding or non-binding resolution format. Our private trial offers a real-world format to resolve cases without the time and expense of trying a case in court.


    This is what sets our trial presentation skills apart.


    TCS offers a variety of research services that identifies important issues and juror perceptions of the case. This information is used to recommend themes, strategies and tactics for trial counsel to consider.


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    • Focus Groups
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