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Video Services

Video is a persuasive way to help inform and educate both jurors and potential clients. The value of video testimony lies in the emphasis of non-verbal elements of communication and it must be created within acceptable standards for courtroom presentation. We survey the setting and select the appropriate vantage point to add complimentary aesthetic significance to the video. TCS offers complete DVD authoring, including of chapters and effects. We use broadcast quality technologies used in most television station edit suites. If you are in need of legal video services, count TCS. Our video professionals have years of hands-on experience in creating videos that make a big impact.

TCS offers a variety of video services, including:


  • Day-In-The-Life Videos
    These powerful videos are digitally recorded and edited by our litigation video specialist to effectively demonstrate injuries and explain damages. Certainly, you can tell the jury about the daily struggles your client faces. Being able to show the jury what a day in the life of your client is really like can have an impact that mere words never could.


  • Interactive Deposition Videos
    If you have a highly technical or complex case, consider using an interactive deposition video. Unlike traditional deposition videos that simply show a witness talking to the camera, interactive deposition videos allow witnesses to use multimedia elements to illustrate their points, allowing jurors to better understand their testimony.


  • Video to Transcript Services (including Video Synchronizing) Creating individual video clips and transcripts is a powerful method of showing the jury what you want them to see, rather than risking exposing them to irrelevant or even damaging material that may be present in the longer video. A video expert at TCS will work with you to identify the specific clips needed, then to synchronize the video with transcripts that you can show the jury during trial. The end result is a powerful, persuasive, and easy-to-use courtroom tool.


TCS also provides the following Video Services:

  • Deposition Videos
  • DVD and VHS Duplication
  • Video Digitization
  • IME Recording
  • DVD Authoring
  • Accident Recreation
  • Linear Editing & Video Effects
  • Audio Tape Services