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    Trial Boards


    In the courtroom, using several mediums is the more effective way to educate the jury on your case.  This is done to help keep the jury attentive to your trial presentation.  When you have a complicated case, exhibit boards are one aspect that will keep the jury engaged.

    An exhibit board gives you the ability to leave information up for a long period of time, giving the jury something to refer back to as you question the witness.  A timeline board can be the most effective way to present a timeline.  Or a magnetic board may be the best solution for displaying witness accounts of an accident.

    TCS can provide creative ways to ensure you get exactly what you want. We offer high quality trial boards, varying in size, at cost effective prices. Please contact us for more information or to request a trial board.


    • Trial Boards
    • Timelines and Charts
    • Flip Charts
    • Highlights and Callouts
    • Maps
    • Magnetic Boards
    • Custom Graphics
    • Black and White Blow-up
    • Full Color Blow-up
    • Document Enlargements
    • Photograph Enlargements