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    Our current legal process is undergoing a paradigm shift from in person to virtual.  As part of this shift a new entity has emerged in the legal processes, a Virtual Facilitator.


    A Virtual Facilitator is more than a virtual host.  A Virtual Facilitator is a neutral third party who manages all aspects of a court hearing, jury selection, trial, and arbitrations.  The Virtual Facilitator works at the direction of the judge or arbitrators and ensures a smooth, protected, and secure legal proceeding.


    TCS has been providing Virtual Facilitators for depositions since 2019 and Virtual Facilitators for arbitrations, hearings, mediations, and trials since March of 2020.

    American Arbitration Associations (AAA) along with many courts have specific protocols and preparation that must be adhered to.  TCS knows the ins and outs of AAA and the courts.


    TCS will handle all the technical, connectivity, management and publication of evidence.  Contact our office at 800-395-7994 or via email at [email protected]