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Trial Consulting Services, LLC

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Our Main Services

Courtroom Presentations

Our trial techs have supported large and small trials alike. TCS understands how each case has different needs. Let us trial support team help support present your case from document scanning to verdict.

Trial Graphics

TCS graphic artists work with your team to create the graphics you need. Each artist has experience creating PowerPoints, document blow-ups, and case specific demonstratives.


Animations are extremely effective during trial. It’s always interesting to see the jurors sit up straight and become focused.

Video Services

From video depositions to video editing, TCS has been there. Our videographers have covered thousands of depositions, day-in-the life videos, site surveys and more.

Trial Presentation

Have a trial tech in court with you to help present the evidence with each witness. Use scanned documents and video depos as needed.

  • Document Scanning
  • Video Conversion
  • Bates numbering
  • Video playback
  • Evidence presentation

Private Trials

With a complicated case, you may find the need for focus groups, mock trials, or jury consulting, Let our team help find your perfect juror.

Focus Groups/Mock Trials

  • Pretrial Research
  • Juror Questionnaires
  • Juror Feedback


Our fully integrated approach to trial preparation is based on a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the dynamics that affect the ultimate outcome of a case.

  • Jury Science & Consulting
  • Focus Groups/Mock Trials
  • Shadow Juries
  • Witness Preparation

Additional Services

  • Expert Depositions
  • Fact Depositions
  • Document Converstion
  • Document Production
  • OCR
  • Courtroom Setup
  • War Room Setup
  • Bates Stamping
  • Exhibit Boards
  • Scanning
  • Mediation Prep
  • Witness Binders
  • Summations
  • Possible ADR
  • Concordance
  • Mediation Presentation